(***En français plus bas***) You can click on every pictures for their sources! Vous pouvez cliquer sur les photos pour les sources!Hello Readers! The outfit I’m showing you today is one of my favourites. There is a small story of keeping on pushing behind the top and a big love story behind the jacket. Even though you might see a déjà-vu here because of the patterns I used, the result is quite different. Bonjour lecteurs! L’ensemble que je vous présente aujourd’hui est l’un de... Lire la suite sur le blog ›
Cet article provient du blog MP by Maude Parent. Maude habite à Montréal et est également auteur de “...write your own part. It is the only way I've gotten anywhere. It is much harder work, but sometimes you have to take destiny into your own hands. It forces you to think about what your strengths really are, and once you find them, you can showc et “The truth is what I make it. I could set this world on fire and call it rain.” - Victoria Aveyard.