(***En français plus bas***) You can click on every pictures for their sources! Vous pouvez cliquer sur les photos pour les sources!Hello Readers! I recently bought three magnificent fabrics online without realizing that the cheap prices were indicated in US – not in Canadian money – and so I drained my bank account for a negligible amount of meters. The first fabric ended up in the trash because I disliked the project (and I guess a cute fabric doesn’t always mean a cute garment; it... Lire la suite sur le blog ›
Cet article provient du blog MP by Maude Parent. Maude habite à Montréal et est également auteur de “We need hope as much as we need bread and meat,” he interrupted, his eyes clear for a rare moment. “We need hope, or else we cannot endure.” - Sarah J. Maas et “When I was young, I learned to expect loss. Every time you slept, something disappeared. Whenever you woke up, someone else was gone. But . . . I also learned that every day, you created everything anew. And whatever you had, you enjoyed as long a.