Consommer des légumes au petit-déjeuner vous paraît inconcevable ? Le zoats pourrait vous faire changer d’avis… En effet, derrière ce mot étrange se cache le dernier petit-déjeuner sain et équilibré en vogue.

On pourrait définir le zoats comme le parfait successeur du smoothie bowl, à la différence près que sa base est composé de courgettes. Concrètement, il s’agit d’un porridge additionné de courgettes râpées. Certes, à première vue, cette bouillie ne se révèle guère appétissante, pourtant, elle affole déjà la toile avec pas moins de 53 000 publications recensées sur Instagram.

Un petit-déjeuner healthy, déclinable à l'infini
Un plébiscite dû à ses nombreuses vertus. Composée à 95% d’eau, riche en vitamines et en fibres, la courgette contribue au bon fonctionnement du transit intestinal. Par ailleurs, grâce à son index glycémique très faible, elle peut-être consommer sans modération. De son côté, l’avoine et son indice de satiété très élevé en font un allié pour quiconque souhaite éviter les fringales en milieu de matinée. À noter que la recette de base du zoats contient également des œufs ou du lait végétal pour leur apport en protéines.
Autre avantage non négligeable, comme toutes les recettes de smoothie bowl et autres d’açaï bowl, le zoats est déclinable à l’infini, selon les goûts et les envies de chacun. Fruits frais ou/et secs, céréales, caramel, chocolat noir : toutes les garnitures (saines de préférence) peuvent lui être associées pour en faire un petit déjeuner gourmand mais healthy…

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I am loving this bowl of zucchini oats this morning and I'm happy I dragged myself out of bed to make it. Laziness is feeling ridiculously hungry while in bed, but not feeling like you can force yourself out of bed to make it. I'm sure that can be translated into many feelings. For example, not wanting to cook after a long day or not wanting to move your body once you hit that right spot on the couch. I battle that all the time, and these feelings seem especially strong during the cold winter months. It honestly does take that extra convincing to do the things your body tries hard to get you not to do. Some days are easier than others for sure. But I always remember my reasons why I do things the way I do it. I'm motivated by the people around me. I'm motivated by accountability. I'm motivated by my health and nourishing my body with things I know that will enhance my energy. Building a systems of strong reasons and support around what you are trying to do can really give you that extra push you need to get things accomplished. It's not a perfect system, but it can help in many situations. 🙃 . Just some zoats this morning. 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 tbsp flax meal, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/3 grated medium zucchini, 1 tsp maple syrup, half mashed banana (I mash my banana typically as it cooks as it gets very soft during the cooking process), 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, pinch salt. Cook on the stove top over medium heat, stirring as it thickens. Remove from heat and go crazy with toppings. Cranberries, blackberries, mulberries, pomegranate, banana, nibs and peanut butter. Highly recommend peanut butter if you opt out of the other toppings. 😛

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Happy Fri-YAY everyone! 🌞 I'm extra happy because I've tried ZOATS for the first time in my life yesterday! ✌🤗 A wise lady - @laurafruitfairy - once said you would be either YAY or NAY about them. I've concluded: I'm the YAAAAAAAAAAY type! 😍🤤 Have you ever tried sneaking veggies like these to your oats? 😉🥒 . . . 🌟Zucchini Oatmeal aka. ZOATS🌟 1 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup quick oats 1 1/2 cups soy milk (or any other non-dairy) 1 grated zucchini (around 2 cups) - I went ALL-IN 👊 Use half of this if you're not a zucchini fan 😎 1 mashed banana *1 Tbsp maple syrup (or any kind of sweetener) 1 Tbsp ground flax/chia seeds 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp vanilla bean powder (or 2 scoops vanilla protein powder + 1/2 cup water -> shake to a pudding consistency) ▪Start with cooking grated zucchini in a pot for 2-3 minutes, then add milk and bring to a boil. ▪Later, add all the rest of the ingredients and simmer on medium to low heat until desired consistency is reached. ▪Top with kiwis, blueberries, pomegranate and pumpkin seeds 🥝🍇 . . . My favourite breakfast bowl seems to change quite often (like almost every day!) 😅 But they are always delicious and full of nutrients @breakfastnbowls #BREAKFASTNBOWLSPARTY 😊 As this bowl made me so happy (discoveries are always great!), I'm bringing it to my dear Anna's @anna.culina #happyfood15k party to tell her BIG CONGRATS! 😄 I truly enjoy following you 💖 and I hope one day we will organize a party together 😘 Lastly, I am entering it to #dreambrekkieparty hosted by @vanelja and @ellencharlottemarie 💙 I would have loved to share this bowl with my mom in Istanbul where she currently is! I've always enjoyed introducing healthy vegan food to her, and I'm sure she'd love the taste! Plus, I miss her so much! ❤👭 . . . #ahealthynut @a.healthy.nut #letscookvegan @letscookvegan #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan @thefeedfeed @thefeedfeed.vegan #bestofvegan @bestofvegan #veganfoodshare @veganfoodshare #veganworldshare @veganworldshare #madmedmedfølelse @madmedmedfolelse

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Weil ich heut unbedingt mein neues Schüsselchen von einweihen wollte (Werbung/Kooperation), musste ein passender Inhalt her! Deswegen gibt’s jetzt Schoki Pudding Zoats zum Frühstück!😍Die seh ich nämlich immer bei der lieben Tammy und jetzt wollt ich sie auch endlich mal ausprobieren @treats.and.cheats!❤️Dafür hab ich 40g zarte Haferflocken mit einer halben geraspelten Zucchini, Wasser (so viel das alles gut bedeckt ist), Zimt, Süße, 1 EL Kakao, 10g Puddingpulver, ein bisschen Flohsamenschale und einem Löffel Chia aufgekocht! Dann hab ich noch 2 EL Quark(Alternative) untergerührt, macht es noch cremiger!☺️👌🏻Damit ihr auch seht, was im Schüsselchen drin ist, gibt’s sogar zwei Bilder!😄War sooo lecker, das gibt’s jetzt definitiv öfter!😍Was habt ihr heut noch vor? Ich freu mich richtig auf den Alltag und die Arbeit!☺️Schönen Tag ihr Lieben! - 🇬🇧Made zucchini pudding oats today for breakfast and had it with banana, blueberries and coconutchips for breakfast!😍 #allwomencancook #odernichtoderdoch #zoats #chocolate #healthyfood #oatmeal #oats #porridge #rezepte #vegan #highcarb #whatveganseat #eeeeats #plantbased #eathealthy #gesundessen #veganfood #healthyfood #hclf #ahealthynut #foodie #plantbased #puddingoats #beautifulcuisines #kaylaitsines #letscookvegan #breakfast #frühstück #oatmealbowl

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