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Hi, welcome ! Usually named El, I’m a 25 years old girl who loves writing, travelling, taking pictures but more than anything who loves discovering new things and meeting new people. You will find more about my trips and discoveries, health, thoughts or anything I want to talk about. English isn’t my first language so, bare with me if I make mistakes or if the used words could be better… Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll enjoy ! El.

The first day of the rest of my life, or the beginning of a new way of living, after some news that changed everything

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    Voyage Onirique Bienvenue. Un beau blog. un plaisir de venir flâner sur tes pages. une belle découverte. J'aime beaucoup. N'hésites pas à venir visiter ma page. bises. le 8 February 2018, 02:54 Supprimer

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In 2018, I'll try to make some things different... And you ?

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