Blog : dong phuc khach san dans Beauté

Brand Identity is not just about having all the staff wearing the same design, the color that the brand identification process must be right in the hotel uniform, your restaurant is absolute, is only, is unique. And Aconcept is pleased to become a friend and strategic partner on the way to identify, innovate and upgrade your brand. Hotel uniforms are one of the strengths of AConcept with unique designs, unique, dedicated in each needle, nose. All are based on the foundation of prestige and quality. For us: Hotel uniforms are not only the shortest way to help customers remember the brand but also help your brand stay longer in the mind of the customer. Just see uniforms, logos, identity colors, they will think of you. When that is established, it is not only my success, your success but our success. Aconcept always innovates, updates, thinks about hotel uniforms, restaurants in a fresh and class way through learning, catching up the trend and constantly self-improvement of the team. member. No longer "ao dai, suits, skirts, shirts, trousers (trousers) and zuyp dresses ... in the usual fashion, ready-made at Aconcept. Speaking of brand, of the level of service quality. For hotel uniforms, we aim to the best products with high quality fabric, tailor-made garment. Fabrics for hotel uniforms are multi-colored fabrics such as cotton, shirts, high-end silk, durable, soft colors bring luxury and absolute comfort for wearers. Based on that, Aconcept is pleased to be a partner of many famous hotels such as Sheraton, Melia Yangon, Saigon Fusionsuite, Pullman Saigon ... A Concept would like to contribute hotel uniforms become trend Fashion is standard, creative, different and valuable, contributing to a more beautiful and meaningful life. "