Blog : RIMKA dans Musique

Rimka hails from Tunisia, and has over 18 years of experience as a violinist, arranger, and producer. He is influenced by new trends in Electronic music, but the integration of African, Asian, and Classical Indian elements in his work creates an intoxicating style all his own. With a seamless blend of traditional and modern sounds, including masterful violin work, DJ Rimka hopes that his listeners will forget about their troubles and dance their cares away. He brings us World-infused tracks in the Dance and House genres that will take you on a journey far across the globe.

DJ Rimka - Set The Music On Fire Now
► Lire la vidéoVisit: "Set The Music On Fire Now" by DJ Rimka. Now available on iTunes. Dance music. Electronic music.

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  • Rejoignez vous aussi la conversation sur Hellocoton !